RolePerceived ValueAs the Mediating Variable ofThe Effect of Service Quality on User Satisfaction

Transformation continues to occur in all fields and this affects organizations including the Indonesian National Armed Forces (TNI). The Indonesian National Navy (TNI AL) as one of the dimensions of the TNI has the main task of operating the defense and security of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia and upholding legal jurisdiction at sea. Based on Presidential Regulation number 66 of 2019 Kolinlamil as the operational municipality is in charge of organizing TNI sea transportation operations both in the framework of military operations for war (OMP) and military operations other than war (OMSP) and sea transportation assistance in accordance with the policy of the TNI Commander.

The role of the Indonesian Navy’s Colinlamil which is very crucial in the defense of the country at sea requires adequate defense capabilities and strength. This ability and strength is manifested in the form of readiness of the technical condition of the defense equipmentInternational Journal on Advanced Science, Education, and Religion (IJoASER)E-ISSN: 2614-8862 & P-ISSN: 2565-0836Volume 5, Number 4, December 2022

which is always ready to carry out operational tasks. The readiness of technical conditions can only be realized through optimal logistical support. The role of the Indonesian Navy’s logistics support which is effective and efficient greatly influences the success of this main task. The success of carrying out this task is determined by the readiness of the defense equipment to carry out operations, so that the role of logistics becomes very decisive. In order to realize the readiness of defense equipment,the Indonesian Navy is required to be able to prepare and provide materials, facilities and services effectively and efficiently through the implementation of Logistics Support Development.

The quality of service or logistical support for the Indonesian Navy can be measured by the readiness of the defense equipment and other operational needs in carrying out each operation. Good logistical support can provide satisfaction for soldiers on duty. Perceptions of value and quality of service are the most important components in shaping soldiers’ logistical satisfaction.Based on the results of personal communications with the Operations Assistant of the Commander of the Kolinlamil, there was an increase in cargo loads during 2018-2020, on the other hand there was a trend of decreasing operational efficiency and personnel loads. Data on the number of personnel loads, materials transported and efficiency in carrying out operations up to FY 2020 are obtained in the following table:Table1.LevelPersonnel Payload, Materials and Operations efficiencyYear201820192020Personnel Load24,49929,93221,935Goods Load15,23617,87226,555Operation Efficiency120.64 %84,7982.13 %Source: Opslat Report (2020)Based on the data above, there was an increase in cargo loads during 2018-2020. In 2018 the load of goods transported by the Kolinlamil Operations Staff was 15,236 tons of goods for a year, then increased in 2019 to 17,872 tons of goods.

Then it increased again in 2020 to 26,555 tons. On the other hand, there is a downward trend in operational efficiency and personnel cargo. In 2018, the personnel cargo carried by the Kolinlamil Operations Staff was 24,499 people for a year, then increased in 2019 to 29,932 people. And therewas a decrease in 2020 to 21,935 people. Operational efficiency decreased from 120.64% in 2018 to 84.79% in 2019 and again decreased to 82.13% in 2020.In addition, the limited facilities on the KRI, especially the ATF class, to support troop shifts at 1 Battalion level (± 500 people) and their equipment, especially with long (long) shipping routes, greatly affect the satisfaction or comfort as well as the psychology of the troops who will carry out operational tasks. Coupled with this, the KRI’s operationwas not optimal (it was more than 50 years old and had a seaworthy status) which resulted in the Colinlamil Elements’ Operational Efficiency not being achieved.

Kolinlamil has 13 KRIs, but 7 of them are old so they are less effective in supporting operations because their speed has decreased and they are prone to leaks and fire hazards. AT and ATF KRI types do not have sufficient cargo space to accommodate troop shifts with a Battalion-level number (± 500 people) or more. Troops were often on open decks bymeans of tents. Operational logistics support (UMO) for the implementation of sea transport operations to support shifting units of TNI units is less realistic in the face of current ship logistics needs.Based on the pre-survey conducted by the Kolinlamil soldiers, the results show that the soldiers are sufficiently satisfied with the survey results as follows:Table.2Results of the Pre-survey Questionnaire regarding Satisfaction of TNI Soldier Logistics UsersNoStatementYESNOTOTAL SAMPLE1I am satisfied with the logistical services provided by the Indonesian Navy Colinlamil73 %33%302The logistics services provided by the 70 %30 %3

RolePerceived ValueAs the Mediating Variable ofThe Effect of Service Quality on User Satisfaction

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