Teachers Readiness in Implementing The Independent Curriculum at SDXaverius 1 Palembang

System Education in Indonesia has always experienced changes and transformations from year to year. According to (Yudhistira et al., 2020) argues that the education system is always developing and continues to transform to keep up with changing times and in Indonesia itself education is always experiencing renewal and optimization so that it is not left behind with the conditions of education in other countries.In the education system in Indonesia there is also a set and a design that is systemized and integrated into a subject known as the curriculum.

The curriculum is simply defined as a set of learning that consists of several subjects at school. International Journal on Advanced Science, Education, and Religion (IJoASER)E-ISSN: 2614-8862& P-ISSN: 2565-0836Volume 5, Number4, December 2022

UnderstandingCurriculum According to law (RI, 2003) Curriculum is a set of plans and arrangements regarding objectives, content, and learning materials as well as the methods used as guidelines for organizing learning activities to achieve national education goals.The curriculum always changes and develops from year to year. From the 1947 curriculum, namely the Lesson Plan to the current curriculum, it has always undergone changes following the development of the times and the progress of the nation and state in Indonesia. In 2020 a new draft emerged regarding curriculum changes.

The curriculum is a government design and idea that has been discussed and has begun to be implemented in various schools. The learning crisis that has occurred has been exacerbated by the Covid-19 Pandemic, which has instantly changed the face of education in Indonesia. The most obvious change was seen in the learning process which initially relied on face-to-face methods and switched to distance learning (PJJ). There are important factors in implementing distance learning, namely attention, educator confidence, experience, easy-to-use equipment, creativity in using media, and establishing interactions with students (Prawiyogi, 2020).

The intensity of teaching and learning also experienced a significant decrease, both the number of study days in a week and the average number of study hours in a day.The condition of students who carry out PJJ also does not get the same quality of learning as before the pandemic. Many students receive only limited instruction, feedback, and interaction from their teacher.Anticipating the impact of the pandemic on learning loss and learning gaps has actually been carried out by the Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemendikbud/ currently Kemendikbudristek). In August 2020, the Ministry of Education and Culture published an emergency curriculum for educational units under special conditions. This emergency curriculum (under special conditions) is essentially a simplification of the national curriculum. In the emergency curriculum, basic competencies are reduced for each subject.Oemar Hamalik explained in his book entitled management of curriculum development, providing an explanation related to curriculum planning, that what needs to be done in planning this emergency curriculum is the importance of involving educators or teachers in planning this emergency curriculum.

Educators or teachers need to have an attitude of responsibility regarding planning this emergency curriculum, because the teacher is the main executor in planning an emergency curriculum that has been planned together (Rofiq, 2021)Of course, simplification and improvement of the curriculum is needed as a result of learning loss and learning gaps due to the pandemic. Giving freedom to educational units to apply the curriculum, be it the K-13 Curriculum, the Emergency Curriculum; Independently simplified curriculum; and the Independent Curriculum (Kemdikbudristek Exposure, 2021a), which gives more flexibility to educational units in determining which curriculum is more suitable for school conditions.

Teachers Readiness in Implementing The Independent Curriculum at SDXaverius 1 Palembang

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